From the editor

Małgorzata Marchewka


Dear „e-mentor” readers,

I am pleased to share the newest collection of papers. The current volume is mainly focused on the issues regarding the development of students' skills and attitudes, which reflects the struggle of many universities to provide graduates with a comprehensive set of competencies to support them not only as specialists but also as global and conscious citizens. In this issue, you can learn about the level and determinants of cultural intelligence of students of public economics universities, the possibilities of improving intercultural pragmatic competencies during online Spanish classes, and business students' declared knowledge of and readiness to follow the principles of corporate social. Noteworthy is the international context of the presented studies, illustrated by the examples from Poland, Spain, and the US.

Interesting are also two articles discussing the possibilities of boosting creativity, both in education and business. The first concerns practical applications of visual bricolage as a tool for enhancing formative discussions with students, and the second regards the problem of co-creation with consumers in the fuzzy front-end of new product development. Moreover, you can read about the concept of virtual university, infographics in social media, and objectivity in evaluating professional career development.

In this issue, you can also find useful recommendations of the forthcoming events and the most recent publications, such as the review of the book "Disruptive platforms. Markets, ecosystems and monopolists" by T. Doligalski, M. Goliński, and K. Kozłowski. I do hope that "e-mentor" will bring you a nice time during this summer holidays.

Further, I would like to kindly invite you to co-create "e-mentor" with us and submit your articles for publication. "E-mentor" is an open-access journal available for free both online and in printed form. All scientific papers are peer-reviewed. Every article gets its individual DOI registered in Crossref, and the journal is indexed in several global databases, including Web of Science ESCI and EBSCO. There is no publishing fee for the authors. More detailed instructions are available online at

I would like to draw your attention to a special offer for Ph.D. students, who are the most welcome to boost their academic careers with "e-mentor". The papers submitted by Ph.D. candidates will get priority while undergoing the reviewing and editing procedure. Both Polish and international students may participate. If you have any questions about the publications in "e-mentor", please contact the editorial team at

Małgorzata Marchewka