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Małgorzata Marchewka


Dear "e-mentor" readers,

I am pleased to present you the newest collection of articles presenting various studies on modern trends in education and business from the perspective of different countries. Readers primarily interested in pedagogy can reflect on the problem of improving teachers' classroom assessment practices using data collected in Ghana and explore the idea of micro-credentials and its application at a Slovenian university.

The authors of two other articles focus on the topics that can attract readers from two fields: business and education. The first article is dedicated to the problem of integrated management system at higher education institutions, including in particular quality MS (compliant with ISO 9001), environmental MS (ISO 14001) and energy MS (ISO 50001). The second text deals with the issue of social responsibility at a university from the point of view of Bulgarian and French students'.

The part dedicated to new trends in business begins with a conceptual article including a comparative analysis of selected concepts of management and quality sciences with the field of art therapy. Numerous areas of overlap between art therapy and management are highlighted. In this part, readers can also find out about empowerment and the quality of superior-subordinate relationships in the international business environment, bibliometric analysis of categories of sustainable development, and financial predictors of corporate insolvency.

The strategy of internationalisation supported by the Ministry of Education and Science (Poland) with granted funds (RCN/SP/0361/2021/1) has resulted in an increase in the number of foreign submissions and a growing number of authors affiliated at foreign institutions. Our further efforts are focused on boosting the quality of published articles, increasing international visibility, enhancing the transparency of the editorial process, and modernising the website. I sincerely hope that the planned improvements will satisfy not only our readers, but also our authors and reviewers.

I would like to cordially invite you to co-create "e-mentor" with us by becoming a reviewer or by submitting articles for publication. "E-mentor" is an open-access journal available for free, both online and in printed form. All scientific papers are peer-reviewed and we provide free proof-reading of papers accepted for publication in our English issues. Every article gets an individual DOI registered in Crossref, and the journal is indexed in several global databases, including Web of Science ESCI and EBSCO. There is no publishing fee for the authors. Further details are available online at Should you have any questions concerning publications in "e-mentor", please contact the editorial team at

Małgorzata Marchewka

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