Competencies of young people on the labour market - employers' expectations

Diana Turek


Nowadays, the situation of the youth on the labour market is difficult. The high rates of unemployment among young people, especially those with higher education, made it difficult for them to start their career path on the labour market. What is more, the rising unemployment have decreased options for the individuals to get job of their own choice. On the other hand, employers encounter problems with recruiting new employees. According to Study of Human Capital, in the years 2010-2013 approximately 3/4 of employers in Poland reported problems with finding new employees. Candidates to work had not met their expectations. What are the employers' expectations towards candidates to work? The purpose of this article is to answer the question - what competencies are important on today's labour market? The paper aims also to demonstrate the problem of skills mismatch on the labour market. Skills mismatch occurs when individuals' actual level of skills exceeds or falls short of the level of skills required for their jobs. Skills mismatch has become a substantial concern among policy makers. Discrepancies between the demand and supply of skills on the Polish labour market are noticeable. The context of above observations are „future skills”. It is expected that over the next several years such competences as analytical thinking, ability to work in an international environment or the ability to search and filter information will be essential on the labour market.



Diana Turek

Jagiellonian University

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D. Turek, Kompetencje osób młodych na rynku pracy – oczekiwania pracodawców, „e-mentor” 2015, nr 3(60), s. 8-16,