From the editor

Małgorzata Marchewka


Dear „e-mentor” readers,

I am delighted to share with you the newest collection of diversified papers illustrating the impact of new technologies on business and education. It is worth pointing out that in this issue we not only present the national perspective, but also that of various countries represented by our authors.

The part dedicated to readers primarily interested in pedagogy begins with an interview with Charles Dziuban - conducted by the former editor of "e-mentor" Maria Zając - analysing the role of adaptive learning as a means of decreasing inequity and improving the quality of education. The discussion on new trends is continued with an article regarding the impact of digitalisation on the development of e-learning. Readers can also find out about muted or silent videos as a tool for creative language learning and the relationship of teachers' sense of efficacy and their organisational commitment.

There are new trends in business and management related to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, and in this issue readers may learn more about AI and its agenda for management sciences. Other current trends are still related to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, with an interesting example coming from the automotive industry and referring to the business model transformation. The focus on new technologies does not exclude the interest in people and their wellbeing. In this context the PERMA model is discussed and - in another article - individuals' choices regarding tourism. Finally, two other issues are presented: the analysis of key productivity factors in one of the most innovative sectors - in drug discovery and development projects, and a discussion about the relation between companies' profit and the economic value added they deliver.

As mentioned before, in this issue we have a diversity of topics, as well as authors representing different backgrounds. The strategy of internationalisation supported by the Ministry of Education and Science (Poland) with granted funds (RCN/SP/0361/2021/1) has led to cooperation between "e-mentor" and the foreign organisers of scientific conferences. We have observed an increase in the number of manuscripts submitted and, as the current issue clearly illustrates - a growing number of authors affiliated at foreign institutions. Our further efforts are focused on boosting the quality of published articles, increasing international visibility, raising transparency of the editorial process, and modernising the website. I sincerely hope that the planned improvements will satisfy not only our readers, but also authors and reviewers.

At the same time, I would like to cordially invite you to co-create "e-mentor" with us by becoming a reviewer or by submitting articles for publication. "E-mentor" is an open-access journal available for free, both online and in printed form. All scientific papers are peer-reviewed and we provide free proof-reading of papers accepted for publication in our English issues. Every article gets an individual DOI registered in Crossref, and the journal is indexed in several global databases, including Web of Science ESCI and EBSCO. There is no publishing fee for the authors. Further details are available online at Should you have any questions concerning publications in "e-mentor", please contact the editorial team at

Małgorzata Marchewka