Stimulating active participation with class materials using Interactive Document

Matteo Rinaldi, Dan Hasan


Online learning became one of the most discussed topics during the COVID-19 pandemic. The educational world had to implement and deliver online courses for their students, and millions of students found themselves behind their laptop rather than in class in a matter of weeks. This article introduces a specific piece of software, Interactive Document, tailored to higher education to allow heightened interaction and active participation with study materials. This article explains the main elements of the tool, including how instructors can benefit from using Interactive Document integrated with Microsoft Teams. Characteristics of the software such as in-line comments, practice questions, anti-skimming features, comment sorting, and the ability to attach files are discussed, with references to use cases where these features were applied. Finally, a case study from Texas A&M International University is presented, highlighting how Interactive Document enhances students' critical skills and structural understanding, while allowing instructors to have a deeper overview on student performance and interaction with the study material.

Keywords: online learning, Microsoft Teams, FeedbackFruits, interactivity, engagement, active participation, online teaching tools



Matteo Rinaldi

The author has been working with FeedbackFruits since May 2020. He holds a Research Master in Communication Science and currently teaches at the University of Amsterdam. At FeedbackFruits, he has worked on several projects in the Marketing Team. He is specialized in content writing. His interests lie in media literacy education and content creation skills. More information on his LinkedIn profile:

Dan Hasan

The author is an MSc student in Science Education and Communication at Utrecht University and currently works as Teacher Relations at FeedbackFruits, documenting use cases from professors around the world. He also hosts 'The Learning Experience Lab,' a podcast investigating innovations in education technology available at

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