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Maria Zając


Dear "e-mentor" readers,

In 2020 the "e-mentor" volumes were dominated by the topics concerning the change the COVID-19 pandemic has bought to education all over the world. While those issues are still present in the current edition of the journal, the shift towards the lessons learned can be observed along with the questions referring to teachers' well-being and other self-efficacy aspects.

An interesting aspect, almost absent in Polish publications although quite well recognized in the foreign literature, is the possibility to use beacons in education and the benefits they can bring to it. Another useful example of enhancing modern education by technology is the article written by two employees of FeedbackFruits, the Dutch EdTech company. The application called Interactive Document helps to engage students in the process of learning while studying text documents and video recordings.

The rapid shift to distance work also raised the question about the role of technologies in contemporary business and the need for digital transformation in organizations. In the current volume, there are also articles concerning the implementation of agile methodology in large organizations and the role of transactional and transformational leadership in the context of organizational justice.

I do hope this collection of papers creates a valuable reading for everyone interested in education and management worldwide.

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Maria Zając