Daniel Rusin's productions concerning the problems of Polish youth as an example of education via YouTube

Karolina Kietla


Nowadays, the role of social media in everyday life is growing systematically. It also applies to educational and pedagogical activities. One of such examples is Daniel Rusin, the YouTuber known on the web as the Reżyser Życia. His films are played during lessons in schools, have millions of views and are often commented both on the internet and in traditional media. The purpose of the article is to show that new media can play an educational role, and the involvement of YouTubers, bloggers and artists of the young generation, popular among teenagers, can be a positive stimulus for reflection on values and a responsible social attitude. The author of the article first explains the role of social media in shaping public awareness and then explores this through an analysis of content selected from the Daniel Rusin channel published from February 2019 to February 2020 on YouTube, which deals with the problems of modern teenagers.

Keywords: YouTube, Reżyser Życia, youth problems, tough topics, content analysis, educational role of social media



Karolina Kietla

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Kietla, K. (2020). Filmy Reżysera Życia o problemach polskiej młodzieży jako przykład uczenia i wychowywania za pośrednictwem serwisu YouTube. e-mentor, 3(85), 15-22.