Supply chain management in the access economy environment

Katarzyna Nowicka


The paper focuses on the digital platform being the driving force of development of the access economy impacting on supply chain business model reconfiguration. First, the main accelerators of the sharing and access economies were described and compared with the characteristics of supply chain architecture. Then, different solutions of the platform business model impacting on supply chain reconfiguration are analysed. Next the results of a pilot study are presented to illustrate how supply chain managers understand the role of digital technologies and platforms. The paper is based mainly on a literature review and partially on the results of a pilot study conducted at the end of 2018 among 120 supply chain managers using the CATI methodology. Digital platforms can be used to improve supply chain competitiveness in several ways - starting from access to logistics services using the outsourcing model, through the additional solution of the supply chain business model portfolio widening the range of distribution channels, up to the digital supply chain solution being a platform connecting the whole ecosystem of supply chain stakeholders. The paper has a conceptual character, and the proposed solutions are still at the early stage of implementation in practice. Therefore, the undertaken topic should be a subject of further studies.

Keywords: digital supply chain, platform business model, access economy, digital technologies, supply chain as a platform



Katarzyna Nowicka

The author is a habilitated doctor of economic sciences, an adjunct at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. She has been dealing with the issues of competitive supply chain management for over fourteen years. Her research interests concern the subject of the impact of digital technologies on supply chain management and shaping new business models.

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