Managing students' affairs by dean's offices in Polish higher education institutions: effectiveness and limits

Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska


Management of educational process at higher education institutions (HEIs) seems to be of secondary importance, and thus, it is almost entirely neglected in the literature on higher education. However, it is worth to stress that the administration of students' affairs is an essential factor which influences how students perceive the quality of education. Therefore, the effectiveness of managing students' affairs refers both to fulfilling the procedures and handling with the growing needs of more and more diversified students' population. The ability to combine these two aspects (i.e., procedural efficiency with student-oriented approach) speaks about the quality of the dean's office' work. The article has a practical dimension as it aims to present the bottom-up approach to improving the quality of dean's offices' work based on the experience of their employees. The source material covers over 70 so-called good practices prepared by the dean's offices of seven public and non-public HEIs. Presented innovations divided into three categories: work organization, collaboration with other units within the HEI, and practices that benefit students, may serve as the illustration of different ways of managing students' affairs by dean's offices.

Keywords: dean's office, students, HEI, educational process, administrative service


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Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska

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