Application of PROMETHEE II method for e-learning course selection

Adam Stecyk


The article aims to present research on the possibilities of using the PROMETHEE II method to optimize the selection of e-learning courses. The first part of the paper presents methodological assumptions concerning multicriteria decision-making methods (MCDM), with particular emphasis on the PROMETHEE II. In the second part, by structuring the problem, it was possible to understand better issues related to the selection of assessment criteria and the alternatives (e-learning courses) to be evaluated. The proposed research concept can be used to analyze other e-learning issues within the framework of specific subjects, such as e-learning system performance or teaching modes. Assuming the best identification and selection of descriptive characteristics and transforming them into real determinants, the PROMETHEE II concept can be used to improve decisions on optimizing problems related to the e-learning courses selection and other educational goals.

Keywords: PROMETHEE II, e-learning, optimization


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Adam Stecyk

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Stecyk, A. (2019). Zastosowanie metody PROMETHEE II do wyboru kursu e-learningowego w przedsiębiorstwie. e-mentor, 1(78), 39-45. DOI: 10.15219/em80.1398