Less is more - education a Finnish way - the results of the study visit

Anna Szuchalska


Finland is at the top in different rankings concerning education. In March 2018 the author of the article had a chance to participate in "Benchmarking Finnish Education System" course in Helsinki and observe and analyze Finnish best practices. In the article, the author tries to describe what she discovered about the educational success of Finnish school and answered the question whether it is possible to apply these elements to Polish educational reality. Writing the article, the author used the materials distributed during the course, either by the organizer or his guests. While quoting statistics, the author mainly referred to online sources, as they are usually regularly updated. The conclusions drawn are the results of the author's observations, as well as the analysis of the reference sources. The author discovered that the critical factors in Finnish educational success are: student and teacher's autonomy, free access to education, equality, no dead ends, and tailor-made school curricula. In the final part of the article, the author writes about the weaknesses of the Finnish system. In conclusion, the author wonders whether it is possible to integrate Finnish best practices into Polish schools.

Keywords: education, Finland, teacher education, autosomy, equality, best practices



Anna Szuchalska

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Szuchalska, A. (2018). Mniej znaczy więcej - rozwiązania dydaktyczne w Finlandii - relacja z wizyty studyjnej. e-mentor, 3(75), 40-47. DOI: