Managing financial autonomy of the research university

Maksym W. Sitnicki


The article analyzes the main sources of income generation for the world's leading research university in the United Kingdom - University of Oxford and one of the best research universities in the United States - Stanford University. The experience and strategy of managing their own financial autonomy of these research universities have been studied. An effective synergistic model for ensuring financial autonomy of the research university is developed, which provides an opportunity for strategic management of sources of income generation and is based on the interaction of four key potentialities of the research university:
the functioning of the business school and institutions of postgraduate education; financial cooperation with graduates of the research university; functioning of an independent center of providing consulting services; functioning of the center of innovative technologies and support of start-ups. Also, the links and peculiarities of the mechanism functioning of the proposed synergistic model are described in detail and the perspective of its use is shown.



Maksym W. Sitnicki

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