Decalogue of internationalization of higher education in Poland

Karolina Wysocka, Krzysztof Leja


Development of internationalization, just like the management improvement or mission diversification are currently the most important challenges to Polish higher education (HE) institutions. It was also visible in the course of works over the project of the new Polish higher education law. World-wide literature studies present a number of scientific papers dealing with the issue of internationalization of research and teaching in HE. However, the lack of an applied approach to the implementation of internationalization in the administrative sphere can be observed and that is why the Authors chose to contribute to that field. They distilled ten major areas of implementation crucial for the quality of internationalization, calling them a Decalogue of internationalization because of their significance. Those areas could be assemled in two groups: those relating to the culture of an internationalization, (awareness, motivation and engagement) and those with more operational character (strategy, placement, curriculum, information flow, promotion and image building as well as campus development). Each of these areas was discussed shortly in the article. In conclusion the Authors suggested that internationalization touches all areas of administrative and operational activities and that there is a close interrelatedness between the internationalization, as a cultural process, and the academic tradition.



Karolina Wysocka

Krzysztof Leja

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Leja, K. & Wysocka, K. (2018). Dekalog internacjonalizacji szkolnictwa wyższego w Polsce. e-mentor, 1(73), 4-9. DOI: