Agile organization - determinants and strategic directions leading towards an agile enterprise

Andrzej Olak


The uncertainty and turbulences of market surroundings, globalization, developing linkages among companies and market instability entail tough challenge for contemporary organizations. In order to survive they must evolve their behaviors and competencies, strengthen strategic abilities as well as develop the lightning reaction to market signals. Hence, they need to develop agility indicators. These indicators become of key importance as the company intends to achieve market success.

The author brings up issues of the agility, its indicators and the strategies which can lead to achieving agile enterprise, since this issue has not been widely discussed in the Polish literature on the subject. The goal of the article is to get these issues across and therefore it has been based on the literature published internationally. Analysis of these sources allows for specification of agility indicators, such as speed and flexibility, emphasizing that they should be linked together. The author of the presented article is reaching a conclusion, that agility can be attained by two interconnected strategies: exploiting the agility in order to achieve the competitive edge and integration of the organization, people and technology.


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Andrzej Olak

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