Dear „e-mentor” Readers,

It is my pleasure to encourage you to read the new issue of our journal. The issue covers a broad spectrum of important topics, like: the development of social competencies during higher education process, methods of analyzing educational data, comprehensive impact of universities of the third age and cloud computing trends.

Additionally, I would like to bring to your attention The Association of Academic E-learning, an organization that has been actively supporting the effective use of modern technologies in academic education for the last couple of years. An important program organized by the Association was recently completed, when - for the fourth time - the certificates of e-teacher were awarded. As a result of this edition, another 27 people representing educational institutions from all around Poland were distinguished with this recognition. As stated recently by Mr. Jarosław Gowin, the Polish Minister of Higher Education and Science, the Law of Higher Education, which is going to be amended soon, will take into account mechanisms supporting assessment and promotion of outstanding academic teachers introducing new solutions and new didactic methods for better teaching quality. In the light of the Minister's words, the certificates awarded by the Association might become an important element of promotion and recognition of best practices.

Chief editor
Marcin Dąbrowski