Teenagers' point of view on economics

Małgorzata Marchewka, Wioletta Nogaj


The paper presents the results of the sixth edition of the survey on the awareness and economic maturity of children and adolescents. It was carried out - as in previous editions - in the form of anonymous questionnaire. All of the respondents were primary and junior high school students participating in extracurricular programs on economic education - Children's University of Economics (EUD) and the Academy of Young Economist (AME). The survey enabled to gather data on three main areas of research: knowledge, skills and attitudes related to economics, finance and entrepreneurship.

The results show that the students of EUD and AME appreciate the possibility to participate in extracurricular programs on economic education. The possibility to analyze economic and entrepreneurial problems results in their high familiarity with particular terms and ability to define them (ex. electronic money, privatization, unemployment rate). Moreover, students from both groups estimate their ability to deal with everyday life problems requiring economical knowledge (practical skills) on higher level than their ability to explain economic problems (theoretical skills). The results also show that students' attitudes toward economic issues, such as taking out a bank loan to fund holiday expenses, are unexpectedly mature and based on common sense.


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Małgorzata Marchewka

Cracow University of Economics

Wioletta Nogaj

Cracow University of Economics

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M. Marchewka, W. Nogaj, Nauka ekonomii oczami nastolatków – wyniki szóstej edycji badania świadomości i dojrzałości ekonomicznej dzieci i młodzieży, „e-mentor” 2015, nr 4(61), s. 13-21,