Dear “e-mentor” Readers,

The second Congress of Development in Education ( is going to take place shortly. Warsaw School of Economics will be a host of this event, which will be a gathering of those who are concerned about changing the Polish education in a way that it could better fulfill the needs of contemporary learners. On the 18th of November, workshops on neurodidactics, academic coaching and creating MOOCs are planned, and on the next day there is a series of excellent appearances organized as plenary and parallel sessions, seminars, competitive speeches (Famelab) and discussions “by the round table”. Registering is possible till 9th of November.

The Congress was organized for the first time in 2014. Is is based on accomplishments of the conference "The development of e-learning in higher education of economics". At the same new areas of discussions were considered, which according to the organizers, should become a subject of attention for those involved in polish academic education. This year, this course is continued what results in placing, among discussed themes, issues such as quality and challenges of academic education process. Following the pattern of recent years, organizers pay close attention to two of them: mapping out and implementing diversified offer adjusted to groups of listeners characterized by different age and experiences, and preparing and providing conditions enabling recognition of professional qualifications acquired aside from universities, as well as having them considered in formal education process as a part of regular studies.

The image of modern universities became a key factor of competing for students to many academic centers. Moreover, raising awareness of lifelong learning importance, interdisciplinary education and continuing professional development, provides new possibilities for universities to upgrade their offer and prepare didactic services outreaching local student community.

Global trends in this area, especially constantly extending offer of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), pressure universities to include activities addressed to members of international learning community in their offers. These are the topics to be discussed during Congress of Development in Education.

Chief editor
Marcin Dąbrowski