Implementation diagrams in IT systems modeling

Stanisław Wrycza, Jacek Maślankowski, Bartosz Marcinkowski


An inherent element of the documentation of IT system projects are the diagrams, which present the hardware and software infrastructure of the created systems. An example of such diagrams are implementation diagrams in the UML. There can be distinguished two types of implementation diagram, namely Component diagram and Deployment diagram. The aim of the present paper is to evaluate the possibilities of using the implementation diagrams for modeling of IT systems which use modern technology solutions. After discussing the role of implementation diagrams in IT systems modeling, the authors present also their functions and graphical conventions. Then, theoretical issues concerning diagrams and their practical uses have been examined and illustrated by the such examples of modern applications in the range of e-economy as: IT system of city traffic control, electronic warehouse management system and using mobile devices for purchase of e-tickets.


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