Dear e-mentor Readers,

The current issue of 'e-mentor' begins with a series of articles on a very important topic - Polish graduates starting their careers. The presented studies discuss the methods of employability evaluation as well as the results of such evaluation, which are compared with the reports that have been previously published in 'e-mentor'. The articles in the 53rd issue of 'e-mentor' focus also on the techniques for better preparation of graduates for starting their careers as well as on examination of individuals who are professionally active and their educational experiences. Those issues, as highly important, are often brought up by 'e-mentor'. All the efforts in improving methods, techniques, forms and teaching programs must amount to adequate preparation of young people for future professional activity and further development. In this context the topic of alternative models of education is gaining popularity. Those models, instead of offering the university diploma, provide other formal results, whose importance is constantly increasing. Among them, there are the certificates of completing the programs and paths of MOOCs offered by renowned universities around the world as well as company certificates endorsed by particular employers or their associations. Such certificates are even more valued by the market than universities diplomas.

Chief editor
Marcin Dąbrowski