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WHAT INTERNET STILL ONLY WHISPERS IN INTERNAUTS' EAR Hello, Tom, let me begin by introducing myself: I'm an ardent admirer of Problem Based Learning who leads eagerly his students to many places in the Internet [see, for example, my e-course "Europe's Information Society" ( http://www.geocities.com/eklezjastka/ester2.html )]. Therefore, I concur generally with you. However, I'd like to add something to the following opinion of yours. "There are some areas, largely what has been defined as STEM subjects where scholars seem to retain their position. But within the arena of the humanities and social sciences, the gauntlet has been thrown down by the lay public as well as scholars within the STEM community" There are so many areas of human activity. Because people play many roles in society, it doesn't suffice to say that various people are experts in ones of these areas of human activity and laypersons in the others--they are usually keenly interested in nearly all of those areas. For example, some people are political experts but each lay citizen should control his/her electives: hence he/she should be interested in politics--the more he/she is interested in, the better it is for him/her. Luckily, we don't have to be even lay cooks, lay tailors, and so on, because there are expert cooks and expert tailors who will cook and sew for us if we pay them. Ought I to add that scholars within the STEM community are usually very bad lay cooks and lay tailors? And believe me--just like scholars in the humanities and social sciences community aren't experts in the STEM, scholars within the STEM community aren't experts in the humanities and social sciences. Nonetheless, it's perfectly normal to be ready to discuss about problems which are appearing in many areas we're interested in. However, although I like to participate also in theological discussions, as a person who is not trained in theology I always try to avoid the situation described in the following Horacy Safrin's aphorism. "Do you know what is there above us?" an Orthodox priest asked a yokel. "I know," answered the yokel watching the ceiling, "There are cockroaches..." 372 His 'theological' aphorisms 7/29/01 12:03 am, TadFromPoland ( http://www.geocities.com/tadfrompoland/floor5b.html , available now also at http://geocities.com/eklezjastka/372.htm ) ;-) Regards, Tad http://www.geocities.com/tadfrompoland/

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