Key productivity factors in drug discovery and development projects

Magdalena Marciniak


The field of health care is an important element of the economic and social life of every country in the world combining demographic, economic and epidemiological, ethical and social challenges. Spending on the development of new therapies has been increasing over the past two decades, and the amount of drugs approved by regulatory agencies has remained stable (FDA, 2023). Literature does not provide adequate knowledge about the reasons of the productivity drop that impacts the competitive advantage of the companies taking part in the project's race to the market (Schuhmacher et al., 2022), and it therefore seems crucial to analyse the factors determining high productivity of the pharmaceutical industry to adjust further actions ensuring the highest quality of health care systems, focusing on the wellbeing of the patient and the development of increasingly safer medicines. To address this need the author performed systematic literature review followed by structured interviews with 14 experts working globally in the field of drug development to determine productivity factors in drug discovery research and development projects, with the goal of answering questions related to which factors play a key role in the productivity of scientific organisations and the relationship between the factors, providing an insight into which parts of drug discovery ecosystem can increase a chance to address highly unmet medical needs of patients waiting for novel, safe and effective forms of treatment. As a result of the research 22 key productivity factors were defined and clustered into 4 categories: scientific, managerial, business, environmental and relations between the factors were discussed.

Keywords: drug discovery, drug development, innovation, productivity, R&D, project management


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Magdalena Marciniak

The author is a specialist with a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently serving as Director of Business Development and Alliance Management, she has demonstrated expertise in cultivating strategic partnerships and driving successful collaborations. With nearly 10 years of dedicated focus on drug discovery business development, she has built a track record of forging international alliances with leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic partners. Her ability to identify and capitalise on opportunities has resulted in numerous cases of fruitful collaboration resulting in research and development initiatives in this field. In addition to her extensive industry experience, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Project Management in Drug Discovery and Development at the Cracow University of Economics. Her research delves into the intricacies of project management within the pharmaceutical landscape, aiming to uncover innovative strategies and best practices optimising the drug discovery processes.

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