Consumer opinion surveys regarding marketing activities of banks operating in Poland

Agata Jarosz, Kamil Janik, Weronika Magacz


Marketing is an extremely important element of any business, because in this way customers learn about the services offered, and this helps a given business entity achieve profits. Properly selected marketing tools not only allow the information function to be fulfilled, but also positive relationships with customers to be created and maintained. In addition to advertising, which is one of the most popular forms of marketing, the factors affecting a company's image include the quality and price of the products and services offered.

Like all other business entities conducting their activities, banks use certain instruments to attract and retain customers. Almost everyone uses banking services, which is why it is important to stand out from the competition. The specificity of the functioning of banks differs from a company, because these institutions are subject to various restrictions, both domestic and international. In times of economic crisis, promotional activities are often decisive for the survival of a given entity on the market.

The aim of this study was to discover customer opinions of marketing activities undertaken by banks. In their work, the authors made a characteristic of banking activity and brought closer the essence of banking marketing. Marketing instruments that are used in banking activities were also discussed. For the purposes of the article, the authors developed a survey questionnaire to perform consumer research on issues such as to what extent advertising affects the choice of a given bank's offer, which affects the bank's image as well as expectations towards these institutions.

Keywords: banking sector, bank, marketing, marketing instruments, promotion instruments



Agata Jarosz

Kamil Janik

Weronika Magacz

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Jarosz, A., Janik, K. i Magacz, W. (2023). Badania opinii konsumentów na temat działań marketingowych banków prowadzących działalność w Polsce. e-mentor, 1(98), 52-62.