Outsourcing in recruitment: the employers' perspective

Jolanta Walas-Trębacz


The aim of the article is to show the scope and importance of outsourcing in increasing the effectiveness of recruitment in organisations that implement it. The theoretical part of the article explains the concept and how recruitment outsourcing fits in with other HR functions, as well as the reasons for the interest in its implementation and the possible results. The empirical part, however, presents the results of own research conducted among 85 employers via a questionnaire using the CAWI technique. The aim of the research was to identify the scope of outsourcing in recruitment and assess the level of its effectiveness. The presented results show a significant improvement in the effectiveness of recruitment thanks to outsourcing, among others in terms of quality, costs, speed of process implementation and a high level of employer satisfaction.

Keywords: outsourcing, outsourcing HR, recruitment outsourcing, types of recruitment outsourcing, recruitment outsourcing models



Jolanta Walas-Trębacz

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Walas-Trębacz, J. (2022). Wykorzystanie outsourcingu w rekrutacji - opinie pracodawców. e-mentor, 3(95), 72-82.