European Small Claims Procedure as an example of an effort for electronization of cross-border procedures

Lucyna Łuczak-Noworolnik


The article discusses the issues associated with the proposed amendments to Regulation No 861/2007 concerning a European procedure for small claims. The Commission, after reviewing the usage of the Regulation in subsequent EU Member States prepared a report and draft amendments. One of the main objectives of the amendment is the digitization of the course of the procedure which consists, in particular, of: the introduction of e-delivery, on-line payments, hearings by teleconference. The above-mentioned ideas are an excellent starting point for further work on the construction of e-justice and information society in European dimension. The article also concerns the amendments which should be introduced into Polish legal system especially in Code of civil proceedings. E-delivery in cross - border civil proceedings should be disseminated among all of Member States of EU in order to shorten the duration of the procedure and minimize costs.



Lucyna Łuczak-Noworolnik
The Institute of Logistics and Warehousing (Poznań)

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L. Łuczak-Noworolnik, Europejskie postępowanie w sprawie drobnych roszczeń jako przykład dążenia do elektronizacji procedur transgranicznych, „e-mentor” 2014, nr 5 (57), s. 75-84,