E-learning in the way of changes

Olga Pawłowska, Marcin Pawełczak

In the way of changes, the global e-learning system including Polish e-learning systems throught the process of development has reached a level on which its usefulness to support the educational and cognitive human activity ceases to be questioned.

The phenomenon of distance education based on the global computer network is manifested, among others, in an outstanding ability of e-learning for quick assimilation of innovation in information technology.

The purpose of the article was to examine the connections between technology already present on the market and authoring tools capabilities available for instructional designers. In accordance with this intention, the authors of the article compared instruments and standards of the e-learning courses used on the Polish market several years ago and presently. The authors relied on their own experience in designing courses. They have undertaken a review of the available materials and studies in this field.

There was a significant transformation in the field of e-learning courses development. The consequences of a big boom in mobile devices and the popularity of computer games were pointed out. The attention was also paid to the limitations concerning the use of certain forms of e-learning.


Olga Pawłowska, Marcin Pawełczak
Institute of Mathematical Machines (Warsaw)

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DOI: 10.15219/em57.1139

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O. Pawłowska, M. Pawełczak, E-learning na fali przemian, „e-mentor” 2014, nr 5 (57), s. 40-42,