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e-edukacja na świecie

8-11 marca 2022 r. 13th International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics: ICETI 2022
Orlando, Floryda, USA

Education (cognitive development) and training (performance in a specific skill) are different but highly related notions. They have common means to achieve their objectives as it is the case of, for example, teaching, learning and e-learning. Informatics is supporting both of them with an increasing frequency and effectiveness in more and more activities and domains. The objective of ICETI 2022 Organizing Committee is to bring together researchers, professionals and practitioners from the three areas so they can share their knowledge and experiences in an multi- and inter-disciplinary intellectual climate.


Articles might be submitted for face-to-face or virtual participation in the conference. For details regarding the types of submission, please click here.

Submitted papers will have double-blind and non-blind review. They may also have peer-to-peer participative review. More details regarding the Reviewing Policy can be found by clicking on the link "Multi-Methodological Reviewing Process for Multi-Disciplinary Conferences" under the "Reviewers" tab.

The acceptance policy to be applied to the reviewed submissions made to ICETI 2022 is based on the Majority Rule, applied to the reviews received for each submitted article. Details on this issue can be found by clicking on the link "Acceptance Policy" under the "General Info" tab.

Invited Sessions

Invited Sessions can be organized in a specific or a general theme. These Invited Sessions may grow to Focus Symposia, workshops, satellite events, micro-conferences or even conferences by their own in the context of ICETI or as independent or associated spin offs from ICETI. 

Invited Sessions with high quality papers might be selected for multiple-authors book publications. 

Best papers

The best paper of each section will be selected and their author (s) will receive a corresponding Award Certificate. 

Authors of the Best 25%-30% papers presented at the conference will be invited to adapt their papers for their publication in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (JSCI).



Więcej informacji na: https://www.iiis-spring22.org/icsit/website/default.asp?vc=31


W serwisie prezentowane są zapowiedzi ciekawych konferencji, seminariów i warsztatów poświęconych tematyce e-learningu, zarządzania wiedzą, e-biznesu oraz kształcenia akademickiego oraz ustawicznego - które odbywają się w Polsce
i na świecie.
Serwis umożliwia również zapoznanie się
z zapowiedziami konferencji, publikowanymi
w kolejnych wydaniach "e-mentora".

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