Salary expectations of students and graduates of the University of Technology towards their first employer

Adam Sulich


Students and graduates from universities undertake professional activity, but rarely are able to accurately assess the value of their qualifications. This paper presents expected net salary for first job among students and graduates from Wroclaw University of Technology. Participants of the survey consider 2648 zloty net (per month) as satisfactory wage. A large group of respondents are in demand specialists in the labor market, which are characterized by high wage expectations. Financial expectations of university graduates are comparable and are growing every year. High aspirations for the salaries are justified by strong demand for skilled workers. Results of the survey can be important for students and graduates joining the labor market, and employers who want hire fresh alumni.



Adam Sulich

Wrocław University of Technology

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A. Sulich, Oczekiwania płacowe studentów i absolwentów Politechniki Wrocławskiej wobec pierwszego pracodawcy, "e-mentor" 2015, nr 2(59), s. 24-27, ...