The impact of new technologies on the protection of intellectual property rights in the Internet

Włodzimierz Szpringer


The premise for choice of the research problem is the impact of new technologies on directions in the discussion of copyright law. The goal is the integrated look at the regulation of the market of new technologies in the context of intellectual property rights. The method of research is the analysis of the law, case law and literature. It must be concluded that the economic analysis of intellectual property rights should take into account not only the interests of authors and publishers, but also the owners and users of online platforms. New technologies have an impact on the economic sense of copyright protection - it is appropriate to suggest a more flexible approach to systems of protection of these rights.



Włodzimierz Szpringer
Warsaw School of Echonomics

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W. Szpringer, Wpływ nowych technologii na ochronę praw własności intelektualnej w internecie, „e-mentor” 2015, nr 1 (58), s. 60-74,