The e-portfolio project on e-learning platform OLAT

Ewa Palka


The e-portfolio is a powerful software for demonstrating evidence of learning and achievements in the process of studying.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept, structure and functionality of e-portfolio as well as to describe using the method of electronic portfolio on e-learning platform OLAT to enrich teaching and to document and reflect on the process of learning. The purpose was also to probe students attitudes towards the use of this tool.

120 students of pedagogy took part in the project of creating electronic portfolios on the OLAT platform. These portfolios had a given structure and were used to present and comment on the students' scientific and personal achievements.

The results showed that the students appreciated the effectiveness of the e-portfolio as a tool to manage their learning during a course. Moreover, they considered the e-portfolio as a valuable tool for writing their personal reflections. In addition, the results of the paper confirmed the usefulness of e-portfolio as a didactical tool on the e-learning platforms. The learning method using the e-portfolio, which has been presented in this paper, provides an opportunity to apply information technology in distance education.




Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań