Memes, memetics and their applications: A systematic review of literature

Navrang Rathi, Pooja Jain


Memes are not new concepts, but they have garnered popularity recently. They are a prevalent form of communication on various social media platforms. However, due to a lack of concrete literature (Al Rashdi, 2020), there is still some initial scepticism surrounding them. This paper uses a systematic literature review to create a pool of research papers to be examined to chart the conceptual development of memes, determine how they are used in different fields, and present a vision of memes in the near future. It identifies eleven areas which were studied in parallel to memes, suggesting possible meme applications and development. It adopts the PRISMA 2020 framework to ensure systematic screening and reporting of relevant papers from various databases.

Keywords: meme, memetics, meme marketing, viral, internet memes, management, branding, advertising, communication



Navrang Rathi

The author is a PhD candidate at the CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Bangalore. Her research focuses on the application of memetics and meme marketing.

Pooja Jain

The author is an Associate Professor at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Bangalore. She has more than eighteen years of teaching experience. Her career is marked by significant contributions to academia and research, focusing on sharing her expertise through workshops and publications.

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Rathi, N., & Jain, P. (2024). Memes, memetics and their applications: A systematic review of literature. e-mentor, 2(104), 14-22.