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Campus Technology Distance Learning Summit, July 16, 2020, online Higher Education's New Normal

In recent months, colleges and universities across the world have been in emergency response mode: closing campuses, moving courses online, slapping together infrastructure to enable teaching, learning and operations to continue virtually. Now that the initial fires have been put out, institutions are faced with strategic planning for a fall semester in uncharted territory. Short term fixes need to transition to long-term solutions.

On July 16, the Campus Technology Distance Learning Summit will provide insight, ideas and information for education IT decision-makers facing higher education's new normal of teaching and learning in these unprecedented times. In three hour-long editorial sessions, education and IT leaders will discuss the most critical considerations for managing higher ed's "new normal" and engage attendees with a live Q&A.

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LearningRevolution, online, continuously

Learning Revolution is the conference which started in April 2020 and is continuously happening; hopefully, it will last throughout the next months as well. It depends on the interest - both of the presenters and attendees because everyone can volunteer to become a presenter.

The organizers promote the initiative in the following way: This is a historic and unique event. Sessions are being held daily all free to attend live. To see the schedule, to participate virtually and/or to present, one has to join the LearningRevolution movement; the membership is free.

A set of time-zone-based calendars lists all sessions as they are scheduled on a rolling basis. The sessions are also recorded and available to watch for free during the conference.

The call for proposals is continually open. Presentation acceptances will be made on a rolling basis almost immediately, and presenters will be given the opportunity to choose a presentation day/time that is convenient to their own schedule and time-zone.

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Second Wave Summit, July 2020, online

Second Wave Summit is another long-lasting (throughout the whole July) event. It is organized by the Academy for Active Learning Arts and Science (AALAS). The subtitle of the conference "Reopening schools and universities: preparing for the new normal" speaks for itself.

On the event's website one may read: In March, AALAS surveyed over 2,000 teachers, administrators, IT managers, professors, instructional designers, education technologists, deans, schools of education, and instructional coaches who were making a rapid transition to online learning. We were astounded by what we learned. This virtual summit is a worldwide initiative to begin to capture and cross-pollinate those ideas, best practices, innovations, and technologies as we prepare our schools for whatever is coming next.

AALAS is bringing together educators who embraced the Flipped Learning framework and those who did not.

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Course Hero Virtual Education Summit s'20, July 29-31, 2020, online

On this event's website, its organizers declare: 2020 has been a challenging year, so this Education Summit has been reimagined to help us meet the moment.

We are moving online and providing complimentary access to general session programming across all three days of the event, so everyone can come together to Regroup, Reset, and Reinvent in preparation for the remote/hybrid teaching demands ahead. We are convening university leaders, instructors, learners, epidemiologists, virologists, social scientists, political activists, and more, to unpack the uncertainty and possibility of our new normal - and explore actionable ways forward.

The event will include three days of research sharing, presidential panel conversations, campus reopening discussion forums, online teaching demonstrations, learning science workshops, participatory breakout sessions for focused discussions, social events for network building, family programming (to keep the young learners entertained), yoga and wellness hours, musical interludes by emerging student artists, and even a DJ for some virtual move-making.

This is more than just an event. It is a community in action.

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ALT Summer Summit 2020, August 26-27, 2020, online Learning Technology in a time of crisis, care and complexity

The Associations' of Learning Technology Online Summer Summit 2020 will bring together learning technology practitioners, researchers and policymakers from across sectors to share strategies for the next academic year and the new challenges now facing us.

With a packed programme over two days, we will explore the themes of crisis, care and complexity. The summit has an international line up of featured speakers, practical sessions and panel discussions on topics ranging from assessment to student wellbeing.

The programme for the summit will be made up of sessions with a practical focus on support, sharing expertise and networking. This event is not entirely free of charge, but its fee is affordable, and it differs depending on whether the participant is an ALT member or not.

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OASPA Online Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing 2020, online

Registration is open for the OASPA 2020 Conference which will take place online during the week of Monday 21 - Friday 25 September 2020. To register please go to the registration page.

The full program will be announced soon. Further details will be available as soon as possible on the conference webpage, or you can sign up for updates if you would like the organizers to send you information updates as they become available.

This year, the conference will start with a moderated discussion "Open access at a time of global challenge: How has the world changed."

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Stan na 16 lipca 2020 roku.

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