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30 listopada - 4 grudnia 2020 r. Online Educa Berlin 2020

OEB 2020 Will Be Held Virtually for 5 Days

The OEB Global Virtual Experience brings you to the forefront of learning technology developments and allows you to:

  • Get insights on opportunities and challenges that are changing the world of learning;
  • Find out how to choose and use various technologies;
  • Discover proven practice, approaches, strategies from leading institutions and organisations;
  • Participate in pre-conference activities and break-out sessions with global expert speakers from different disciplines, sharing their knowledge, skills, and passion;
  • Follow case studies presenting critical success factors and discuss innovative approaches with peers;
  • Connect with learning professionals from the education, workplace learning and government sectors and forge essential international contacts and partnerships;
  • Join us as we analyse new technologies and trends within ICT-enhanced learning and training.

OEB has pushed boundaries, challenged preconceptions and catalysed new ideas for shaping the future of digital learning for 25 years.

In 2020, The OEB Global Virtual Experience creates new ways to learn, be inspired, engage, share, collaborate, meet, and network online.

A unique conference programme fosters exchange on the most important developments and trends that shape the future of learning in the corporate, education, and public service sectors. Over 50 sessions offer delegates the chance to take part in an entire week of knowledge sharing. All sessions will be available on-demand for 3 months after the event.

The standard registration fee for this online event is 150 Euro + VAT (if applicable).



Więcej informacji na: https://oeb.global


W serwisie prezentowane są zapowiedzi ciekawych konferencji, seminariów i warsztatów poświęconych tematyce e-learningu, zarządzania wiedzą, e-biznesu oraz kształcenia akademickiego oraz ustawicznego - które odbywają się w Polsce
i na świecie.
Serwis umożliwia również zapoznanie się
z zapowiedziami konferencji, publikowanymi
w kolejnych wydaniach "e-mentora".

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