Special offer expires soon

The final call for papers written by PhD students

Currently submitted articles would be considered for publication in volume 5(87) scheduled for December 2020.
Submissions are due to September 30th at the latest.

To be eligible for this offer, a person should:

1.    Stick to the hints for the authors published on the journal website at http://www.e-mentor.edu.pl/strona/3/dla_autorow;

2.    Submit the paper using the submission form available at the same address;

3.    Provide a valid university affiliation (e.g., the name of the doctoral school) and the name of the scientific promoter (in the Additional comments field) while filling in the form.

The scientific papers to be included in the English volume should cover the issues which may be of interest to both the national and international scholarly audience. 

From the articles submitted so far, we have chosen five that would be published in August (volume 3(85) in Polish) and October (volume 4(86) in English)). At present, the papers can be submitted for the last 2020 volume (5(87) to be published in Polish in December. Our offer is valid till September 30th, but the editorial board may close it earlier when all the slots were filled. We encourage you not to wait until the last moment as we process the submissions on the first-come-first-served basis. 

Editorial procedure

The papers submitted for publication must undergo the standard editorial procedure and be accepted by two independent reviewers. The articles of PhD candidates will get priority over the other submissions. The hints for the authors could be found at http://www.e-mentor.edu.pl/strona/3/dla_autorow. Following the editorial requirements makes the procedures going smoothly and faster. 

When the paper is formally approved (compliance with the journal profile and thematic areas, its editorial requirements, and eligibility for promotion), the author will get the information whether the paper has been accepted for further procedure. After the reviewing process, we will provide detailed instructions on how to improve the article if necessary. At that stage, the author will not be allowed to withdraw his/her submission. 

There is no charge for publishing with “e-mentor.” The papers accepted for publication in the English volume can be prepared either in Polish or in English. The translation and/or proofreading costs will be covered from the project No 693/P-DUN/20I9 financed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. For publication in the “e-mentor” journal, every author gains 20 points. The journal is indexed in the ESCI WoS database.

Should you have any specific questions please contact us at redakcja@e-mentor.edu.pl. Communication languages are Polish and English. 

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published: June 2020
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