Modern methods of process management at healthcare facilities

Marek Szelągowski


Healthcare facilities are increasingly drawing on modern management methods and tools to raise effectiveness of performed therapeutic processes, and to optimize their costs, duration and resources. This article aims at demonstrating the possibilities and the advantages resulting from using business process management tools in practice of healthcare centers. The presented process models described the independent decisions that the medical personnel made in their day-to-day operations and - from the process modelling phase - mechanisms of controlling and obtaining knowledge on the actual performance of a selected therapy. In the subsequent stages, by using process mining tools, it will be possible to recreate selected therapeutic processes and use them as knowledge sources during similar cases. The main aim of this research set at the beginning - searching for the „ideal” therapeutic process, was abandoned during the implementation. After the first failed attempts to create a detailed model of a process, the objective of the project was changed to modeling processes in a way to enable their adaptation to the needs of a specific performance, while still retaining the possibility of obtaining practical and useful knowledge.



Marek Szelągowski

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M. Szelągowski, Nowe metody zarządzania procesowego w ochronie zdrowia, „e-mentor” 2015, nr 5(62), s. 40-48,