Dear “e-mentor” Readers,

I am delighted to inform you that on the new list of scientific journals, announced by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education on 23rd December 2015, the "e-mentor" has been placed with the maximum number of points possible to obtain by the journals which are not indexed in Journal Citation Reports and European Reference Index for the Humanities. Publishing an article in our magazine, the author receives 15 points. The B section of Ministry's list includes over 2200 journals, but only 40 of them are granted with maximum score. Our success would not be possible without a huge engagement of "e-mentor" staff. Especially, I would like to thank all of our reviewers for their long-term cooperation.

Therefore, it is a great pleasure to present to you the December issue of the journal and warmly encourage you to read studies, whose authors take up very vital topics of programs and forms of teaching and also of trends in education, knowledge management and business. I hope that every Reader will find some articles of particular interest and the forthcoming moment of summaries of the yearlong activity will be a good time for reading.

I recommend you to get familiar with the report from the Second Congress of Development in Education - academic community gathering, which was held in November at Warsaw School of Economics. Moreover, I would like to invite you to visit Congress' website - - where presentations and videos of all the speeches delivered during this two-day conference are available.

Chief editor
Marcin Dąbrowski

The list of the peer-reviewers of the articles published in „e-mentor” in 2015

Members of the Programme Committee: dr hab. prof. nadzw. Maria Aluchna, dr prof. nadzw. Piotr Bołtuć, prof. dr hab. Wojciech Dyduch, dr Jan Kruszewski, dr Stanisław Macioł, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Marek Rocki, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Piotr Wachowiak, dr Maria Zając

Reviewers who are non-members of the Committee: dr prof. nadzw. Harry Berman, dr hab. Jakub Brdulak, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Halina Brdulak, dr prof. nadzw. Michael Cheney, dr Dominik Batorski, prof. dr hab. Eugeniusz Gatnar, dr Grzegorz Gmiterek, dr prof. nadzw. Eric Hadley-Ives, dr Anna Anetta Janowska, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Magdalena Kachniewska, prof. dr hab. Anna Karmańska, dr Tomasz Kopczewski, dr Anna Koper, dr Dorota Krawczyk-Stańdo, dr Dorota Kwiatkowska, dr hab. inż. prof. nadzw. Krzysztof Leja, dr inż. Magdalena Łapińska, dr Katarzyna Mikołajczyk, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Bogusz Mikuła, dr Iwona Mokwa-Tarnowska, dr hab. Rafał Mrówka, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Bartłomiej Nita, prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Nowecki, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Jana Pieriegud, dr Mikołaj Pindelski, dr Dorota Piotrowska, dr Anna Rogala, dr Jerzy Skrzypek, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Mieczysław Socha, prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Szpringer, dr hab. Paweł Topol, dr Anna Wach-Kąkolewicz, dr Monika Wawrzeńczyk-Kulik, dr prof. nadzw. Terry Weldin-Frisch, dr Agnieszka Wierzbicka, prof. dr hab. Jan W. Wiktor, dr Andrzej Wodecki, dr hab. prof. nadzw. Wiktoria Wróblewska, dr Paweł Wyrozębski, dr prof. nadzw. Janusz Zalewski