Dear e-mentor Readers,

Recently an important event for those interested in applying new technologies in didactics has taken place - the general assembly of Association of Academic E-learning along with AAE Seminar entitled 'MOOC and Big Data - a unique chance for Polish universities for gaining the position of the global leader in the teaching quality'. On the 24th June the community elected the Board for the next term of office (2014-2018) and defined the key directions of our activity.

We want to be the body of opinion, to act for the development and popularization of modern technologies in teaching as well as to promote the standards of e-teachers' activity and of e-learning specialists' work. The Association will continue to support its Members in self-improvement and to create the platform for the exchange of ideas through organizing seminars and new activities promoting e-learning methodology and the use of technology in didactic processes.

The greatest attribute of the Association are its Members, who not only have broad knowledge and wide experience in e-education but also constitute a numerous group - currently the AAE brings together 136 members. Thus, networking activities that develop the potential of the cooperation between the members and with the wider community will become an important part of the AAE work. The Association remains an open organization, which welcomes everyone interested in the modern education.

Chief editor
Marcin Dąbrowski