Analysis of Non-proctored Anti-cheating and Formative Assessment Strategies

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ASSESSMENT IS NO PICNIC The article is a valuable contribution to solving the problem. The author has convinced me that his proposals would work in Biology environment. However, I'm doubtful whether they would work in, for example, Management environment. I mean especially objections raised by Peterson and Reider ["written communication skills have been identified by our study's respondents as one of the most important skills that business professionals can possess, and the current form of testing completely ignores this aspect of candidate preparation"--Perceptions of computer-based testing: a focus on the CFM examination. By Peterson, B.K. / Reider, B.P. , Journal of Accounting Education, 20 (4), p.265-284, Oct 2002]. Where tests aren't enough, there Michael A. Kolitsky's proposals could be only a small part of assessment. Nonetheless, assessment strategies discussed by us also on Innovate-Ideagora forum ( ) don't have to be "police methods" either, isn't that so?

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